Tanya Speech Therapy provides screening for Communicative Disorders and Swallowing difficulties. The Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) will select the appropriate screening tools in order to detect significant communication, hearing, and/or feeding and swallowing disorders. Verbal report will provide to the client and caregiver. The SLP will make appropriate recommendations or referrals based on the screening results. Effective screening can avoid the expense of a full assessment, which in turn, can save the client money.

Screening at Tanya Speech Therapy Will Include:

✓   The use of the appropriate screening tool
✓   The use of the proper screening procedures
✓   A professional review of the screening data and an appropriate referral
✓   A thorough analysis of all related data records both educational and medical
✓   A screening program in a variety of settings such as a school, a community, and health care setting.